My kit

Canon 1d,1v, and as of now I have Canon 600mm lens

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

May 2014 Bittern in flight

Sorry, Bittern again,but this time in flight,taken very early on Sunday morning, again from Island Mere, but from in the hide,

March 2014 Bittern shots from under the hide

Just a bit over-do,I had a week off from work to try and get a few shots of the Bittern from Island Mere this time of the year the reeds are have not yet started to grow,so I like to get my shots from under the hide so as to get a bit lower to the subject, this being the Bittern,
This photo shows what it id like when in and under the hide,
  Not a great lot of room,and it's cold, and windy,but the end results are well worth getting cold and wading through the water to get to the hide.
So here are a few shots,

 All these shots are taken from the left hand side as you look out, and late afternoon,I find that the light is much better, and not quite so much gets in the way of a shot,but I would love to get out there and cut down what has been missed.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Mad, Mad Hares,

A few Hares are gathering on the fields that are not to far away from where I live,I was able to park the along side one field that was holding about 14 hares,in total I saw about 24 or so,some of the Hares came quite close, but not when they were boxing,the boxing shots were a bit of a distant, but I live in hope,also I am keeping an eye on this field,but I think that the crop will soon be to high to to take any shots,so for now here are a few of the best that did manage to get.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

A few local shots 2014

Fantastic Smew,this was at Abberton Reservoir,showing quite close, and for quite a while,also with good light for a change.

This is the first time that I have had a Smew this close,9 times out'a 10 they are miles away/
Now for Alton Water,for the Great Northern Diver,I got very lucky with this,at one time it came up just a few feet from the bank,and I had to wait a moment or two for it move away so that I could get a focus on it.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Long a-waited end of 2013 My trip to Richmond Park

I had the offer of a lift to Richmond Park from a good ow boy Steve Plume,we were going to see if the Red Deer were still on the rut, and yes they were still hav'in a go,you know those stags get more in a day than I could ever hope for in a year, lol...,anyway back to things of interest, we were also looking to photograph Ring-necked Parakeets,and these did not let us down, loads of the dam things,talk about a racket,I sure would not want these in my back yard,
So here are a few shots from that day,

There'ya go. if you want to get shots of stags, and you want it easy, go to Richmond Park,you still need to be careful,and put the stags welfare before the shot,as they can be very unpredictable.